MT Networks Phone


MT Networks currently provides services to Madison, Lamont & portions of Coffey County, Kansas.

Madison & Lamont 

Coffey County


Five Important Facts About MT Networks Long Distance

1. MT Networks Long Distance rates are good 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to all 50 states. Know what rate you will be paying, no matter the time.

MT Networks Long Distance Toll Service Rates:

  • $0.07 per minute - intrastate and interstate
  • *All calls are billed in six (6) second increments with a minimum of one (1) minute per call.

2. There is no need to sign a yearly or monthly contract. You may disconnect or discontinue at any time without penalty.

3. To sign up for or discontinue MT Networks Long Distance, contact a customer service representative at our local office.

4. If there is change in the rate plan our consumers have chosen, we will use the following ways to notify them: newsletter, billing stuffer, this website, and/or our local office.

5. To resolve any disputes, contact our local office for any problems with your MT Networks Long Distance.

(Remember to shop around and compare not only the rates, but also the terms and conditions of long distance service.)