February 21, 2020

MT Networks TV Customers,

Your MT Networks TV service will end on March 31, 2020.

As your local communications provider, we have always sought to deliver quality products to our customers for both entertainment and business purposes. This includes our landline phone, internet and TV products.

Over the past few years, we have seen a tremendous change in our TV product. The traditional TV product was delivered through the use of headend equipment and set top boxes. Unfortunately, this technology was expensive, old and required expensive maintenance and capital investment. We could not continue down that path and elected to shut down our headend in early 2019.

As an alternative, we introduced our streaming TV product to you beginning in early 2019. This delivery method used an Amazon Firestick and our MT Networks application. This is the TV delivery method of the future. In fact, most customers watch some form of streaming now as streaming accounts for the majority of our internet network traffic.

We had high hopes for this product and worked diligently with the underlying provider to try to improve it over the past year. This improvement has not been realized. This lack of improvement and increasing programming cost, ultimately to be passed along to you in a price increase, is extremely disappointing. Our TV product just does not have the value we desire to warrant upcoming price increases and meet our quality standards.

Therefore, we were forced to make the tough decision that your MT Networks TV service will end on March 31, 2020.

Even though this change may seem daunting, helping our customers through this transition is vital to us. We are here to help you as you look at your TV streaming alternatives. There is a great website tool,, that is available for your basic research into multiple streaming services. Give this website a try or stop by or call our offices and our customer service representative (CSRs) can help you walk through your alternatives. Additionally, CSR’s can provide you with a detailed look at how this will affect your personal monthly invoicing from MT Networks. We also have various streaming services available in our showroom if you want to see these select services in live action.

While MT Networks will not be your TV provider moving forward, we can deliver a fiber fast - NO data caps internet product to your home as you utilize these streaming services. Streaming videos and TV take up a significant amount of internet bandwidth. In general, each stream takes somewhere between 5Mbps-10Mbps depending on the show and HD quality. Let our CSR’s assist you in determining your internet speed requirements.

MT Networks has been honored to be your TV provider through the years and looks forward to delivering a new exciting, inexpensive way to watch your favorite TV channels over our high-speed internet service. Feel free to contact our business offices by calling 620-437-2356 in Madison or 620-364-3222 in Burlington.


Nathan DeWitt & Diantha C. Stutesman, Owners