Our History

Madison Telephone, LLC has been a locally owned and operated telephone communications company since 1946.

Many changes have taken place in the last 75 years.  In the progression of time, more services have been added to the offerings other than plain old telephone service.

The services offered today has made Madison Telephone, LLC realize that the business name has become outdated. The new name chosen keeps us true to our roots and shows the growth of services, MT NETWORKS (Madison Telephone Networks).  

MT NETWORKS was purchased by L.D. and Ella Harrington on January 1, 1946, from K.W. Canaday and H.A. Morrison (a.k.a. C & M Telephone Company). The present owners are Larry and Sherry DeWitt (second generation) and Nathan DeWitt and Diantha Stutesman (third generation). The current board members are Sherry DeWitt, Larry DeWitt, Mary Meyer, Nathan DeWitt and Diantha Stutesman.

MT NETWORKS is not only proud of our outstanding service, but our employees as well. There has not been a high turnover in employment since the company was purchased in 1946 by L.D. and Ella Harrington. Our present employees include: Nathan DeWitt, Diantha Stutesman, Lee Dixon, Rob McDonald, Beckie Burdick, Shana Rains, Rachel Ballard, Ryan Futrell, Josh Buster and Cade DeWitt.

We continue to grow, upgrade and update our facilities to provide quality communications to the communities we serve.